jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

eNom or GoDaddy.com domain?

According to Blogger, Google does not host or provide domain names, which have been associated with several companies to register domains, and in the Configuration tab, menu publication, which makes custom domain, gives the option of 2 companies: GoDaddy and eNom.

The question that arises in choosing service registration, because the information is the same for both (cost $ 10 per year, Private domain registration to protect against spam at no additional cost, Full DNS control and administration of Domain Locking domain forwarding blogspot.com domain custom chosen).

However if you go to their web pages (from GoDaddy and eNom) features and prices are somewhat different.

Depending on your experience, is better eNom and GoDaddy?. Chosen one, the field one time is difficult to change to another? Configuration easier through Google Apps to do the recording directly into the websites of the companies?.

And above all, what most concerns the administrator of a site you want to increase visits, helps to increase the blog visits? Or could lose visits by the funnel?, If changes are immediate?.

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